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  • Hey Rob, Have you been to Wood Badge? Gary Gilliam 425.614.9735 On Aug 12, 2014, at 18:27, " scouterrob@^$1 [BottosCon]" < BottosCon@^$2 > wrote: Troy, CC Epic Ancients is a great convention game and a good gateway game. It's your call if you want to run it. I'm looking for a 4th player for Successor's on Friday at noon.
    Gary Gilliam 12 Aug, 2014
  • That's awesome ! I am very involved in scouts and love it.. Gary Gilliam 425.614.9735 On Jul 24, 2014, at 17:21, " scouterrob@^$1 [BottosCon]" < BottosCon@^$2 > wrote: Gary, I've been Scouterrob since I became a Scout Leader back in 1993.
    Gary Gilliam 24 Jul, 2014
  • Rob, Any significance to your email address "scouter"? Gary Gilliam 425.614.9735 On Jul 23, 2014, at 16:33, " scouterrob@^$1 [BottosCon]" < BottosCon@^$2 > wrote: Guys, registration for this year's BottosCon will start August 1st. As in previous years, payment is either via Paypal, or cash in person. A prepaid weekend pass is $35.00, at the door it will be $40.00. A one day pass is...
    Gary Gilliam 23 Jul, 2014