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  • I'm in for the game too Bill. I have a punched copy that we could use in necessary so no need to punch yours I think. Also I don't even see where we add names, if we could, to the database. Clayton
    klaytonz@... 5 Sep, 2014
  • That's it Art, I can't resist any more... sign me up for Hubes! I have a copy if more are needed. I played it twice back when it was new. The first was the usual "what the hell do I do now" for the German player. The second game was really strange. I played the Germans who went first in the scenario. Looking at the map I somehow saw that there was just enough supply range to move...
    klaytonz@... 27 Aug, 2014
  • Wow, it's like this is a secret society convention, no info whatsoever comes up when I google search. Is the convention on? I never received confirmation after sending paypal some time ago. Also what hotel details, games etc. Thanks for any info Clayton --- In BottosCon@^$1, Jeffrey Newell wrote: > > Guys, > > Really trying hard to not post too often here, but know that some of you...
    C 4 Jan, 2013
  • And we could really use 2 more for Fortress America. The game really shines when the invaders are in it together only so far as they are united against a common foe and all the while individually setting up the endgame for only one of them being on top. Clayton --- In BottosCon@^$1, "robinkorea2002" wrote: > > Well so far I've managed to line up 4 games for this year's BottosCon...
    Clayton 28 Sep, 2011
  • IPMS, great combo of hobbies gaming and modeling :-) I'll be at the show too purging a ton of kits from the stash. Clayton --- In BottosCon@^$1, "Duncan Rice" wrote: > > I'm off until Oct 11 if you want to get some cash from me. > I'll be out of the house on and off (Vancouver Film Festival and IPMS show) > > Duncan > >
    Clayton 28 Sep, 2011
  • I'll put it down for Sunday then, good to have a light game at the end of the weekend. Now to fill out the other two days. Clayton --- In BottosCon@^$1, "robinkorea2002" wrote: > > > Clayton, it's looking like my Saturday night game is going to be Fury of DRacula this year but if you wanted to play Fortress America on Sunday morning I'd be game. >
    Clayton 14 Sep, 2011
  • Hi all, I just added Fortress America to the database, hopefully I can get three others interested. If there's still room in the Space Empires game I'm up for that. Clayton
    Clayton 13 Sep, 2011
  • Russo Japanese War? I'm up for that and found someone else interested. Clayton --- In BottosCon@^$1, "stephen" wrote: > > Did you want to give SETTING SUN, RISING SUN a run, Clayton? Fits your requirements to a tee. :) > > pax, smn > >
    Clayton 31 Oct, 2009
  • That sounds like a good plan, I now prefer wargames with less than 20 pages of rules including the scenarios :-) I like to play against the opponent rather than the rules. For gaming I have no plans for Friday, Sat morning and Sunday so hope to try a few wargames, old classics would be cool. Any SCS stuff this year? Clayton > Posted by: "Rick" rsmith@^$1 richardwaynesmith Thu Oct...
    Clayton Baisch 30 Oct, 2009
  • Cats go good with french fries --- In BottosCon2008@^$1, Alan Snider wrote: > > Please tell me no one is bringing cats to the Con...I AM allergic. Emergency room type allergic. > > --- On Fri, 11/7/08, Rob wrote: > > From: Rob > Subject: [BottosCon2008] Re: Convention schedule and room diagram > To: BottosCon2008@^$2 > Received: Friday, November 7, 2008, 12:49 PM > > > > > > > Dave...
    Clayton 7 Nov, 2008