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  • Rob, I am at the south end. I spend time between two places; one in Freeland, the other in Clinton. Would love to get together for a game and a chin-wag. If I do get up to the con, I will be taking the land route, north over Deception Pass (up Anacortes way). Mark --- In BottosCon@^$1, "robinkorea2002" wrote: > > > Mark, what part of Whitby Island are you on? Reason I ask is that...
    Grog 8 Sep, 2012
  • --- In BottosCon@^$1, "robinkorea2002" wrote: > > Mark, besides Labyrinth, are there any other games you're interested in playing? Would you be coming for the day or the weekend? Lot's of games get played at the convention as most of the guys here will attest to. I always try to line up a favourite or two, but also leave room in my schedule to try something new. If you're driving...
    Grog 8 Sep, 2012
  • ...if I can get away from Whidbey Island. It's about a three-hour drive. If so, I will be looking for a game of GMT's Labyrinth. Sound good to anyone? Give me a shout and I'll try to swing the needed furlough. mac (Mark MacLean on CSW)
    Grog 5 Sep, 2012