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  • I do if you are curious about them. Rick On Sun, 2014-24-08 at 12:54 -0700, danc67@^$1 [BottosCon] wrote: > > > Do you have the new Pulsar, Nebula, and Nova expansions for Eclipse? > > Dan > > >
    Rick Smith 24 Aug, 2014
  • That sounds good to me! Rick On Tue, 2014-25-02 at 20:49 -0800, yrl1967@^$1 wrote: > So my idea is that, with Rob's permission, I'd bring the boxes of > games I don't want and people could take them in exchange for a cash > donation to the food bank - I get rid of games (good), you get to > donate to a good cause (good), and the food bank benefits (awesome). > > > Roger > > >
    Rick Smith 26 Feb, 2014
  • Sounds Good! See you soon. rick On Thu, 2013-31-10 at 01:46 +0000, steve.lieske wrote: > Hi Rick, > > Let's plan to play a game of Hannibal. We can talk at the con and figure out a time. > > Steve > > --- In BottosCon@^$1, Rick Smith wrote: > > > > I mostly play pickup games but if sometime Sunday > > you are free, I would be very interested in playing > > Hannibal: Rome vs. C...
    Rick Smith 31 Oct, 2013
  • I mostly play pickup games but if sometime Sunday you are free, I would be very interested in playing Hannibal: Rome vs. C. Warm regards, Rick. On Wed, 2013-30-10 at 07:06 +0000, talonz51 wrote: > > --- In BottosCon@^$1, "steve.lieske" wrote: > > > > > > I'm looking for a game (or games) on Sunday. Some of the games that I have played recently and will be bringing along are...
    Rick Smith 30 Oct, 2013
  • My vote is: Indifferent. I likely won't use it so it does not matter to me. Warm regards, Rick. On Tue, 2013-29-10 at 17:10 +0000, BottosCon@^$1 wrote: > Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the > BottosCon group: > > Would you be interested in having a snack kiosk at the convention where you could purchase items such as cookies, muffins, fruit, sandwiches and or...
    Rick Smith 29 Oct, 2013
  • Hi Rob, I am planning on coming to the con. What would be a good time to drop by your place to pay? Warm regards, Rick.
    Rick Smith 16 Sep, 2013
  • I'm also interested in playing High Frontier / colonization. I don't know the rules tho. Rick On Fri, 2013-13-09 at 16:57 +0000, Kevin Deitrick wrote: > I am interested. Am familiar with the rules (full game). I am waiting for this to hit retail so I can order it. > > KC > > --- In BottosCon@^$1, "jeffchristensen66" wrote: > > > > I'm waiting for my pre-order copy. Should be here...
    Rick Smith 13 Sep, 2013
  • I'm interested in Hannibal Rome vs. Carthage and Black Beard. Also, what is Catherine the Great about? Warm regards, Rick. On Thu, 2013-17-01 at 04:01 +0000, robinkorea2002 wrote: > > Target Arnhem
    Rick Smith 17 Jan, 2013
  • Duncan, I wouldn't mind coming over and playing ASLSK some time. Warm regards, Rick. On Sun, 2013-13-01 at 12:35 -0800, Duncan Rice wrote: > > > And after looking at the AHIKS roster it turns out that one guy from > Surrey is Clayton. lol > > Duncan > > From: Duncan Rice > Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 3:36 PM > To: BottosCon@^$1 > Subject: Re: [BottosCon] Re: BottosCon 2013...
    Rick Smith 13 Jan, 2013
  • Hi all, I am planning to sell my copy of Space Empires 4x. The counters have been punched, bagged and I've gently clipped the ragged edges of the counters. Everything is complete except 2 of the pad of technology sheets have been used. Warm regards, Rick.
    Rick Smith 5 Sep, 2012