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  • Allen, I'm thinking that the train to Vancouver originates in Seattle. I took the train up last year and simply got a ride into town from my home in Tukwila, but I could have just as easily took the 150 Metro bus. I'm sure there is a commuter Sounder train that will pick up at the Tukwila station too. Once you get to Vancouver, you will need to walk a block to the light-rail system...
    seattleda@comcast.net 13 Aug, 2009
  • Mark, Dragonflight operates Seattle's only gamer's hangout called Metro Seattle Gamers (MSG) over in Ballard - that's where I'd expect that you could find those games. Or, like I said, on the Forum you may find other players. Jump over to www.dragonflight.org and post a message on the Forum there. Or look at the MSG info tab. Welcome to Seattle! Dave PS - let me know if you want to...
    seattleda@comcast.net 1 Apr, 2009
  • Art - thanks for posting all that. I've modified the games I'm bringing. I suppose I'll just set up camp on a table. Unless I get a few people saying they have a specific time when they'd like to play a certain game. On the off chance this exists... is there any interest in Age of Renaissance? Otherwise here's the list of games I'm bringing: (Manifest Destiny, Merchant of Venus...
    David Adams 3 Nov, 2008
  • ...sure when but we'll try. I'll bring my copy just in case. Did you figure out how you're getting up here? --- In BottosCon2008@^$2, seattleda@^$3.. wrote: > > Count me in for Circus Minimus. > > Anyone interested in Through the Ages or Manifest Destiny? Enough to put on...
    seattleda@comcast.net 28 Oct, 2008
  • 1) 7 Ages - http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3870 - multi- player game. Mmmmmmmm. I won't have to bring my copy. :-D 4) Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed + Exp - http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/22821 - multi-player game. Yummm Dave
    seattleda@comcast.net 28 Oct, 2008
  • Count me in for Circus Minimus. Anyone interested in Through the Ages or Manifest Destiny? Enough to put on the schedule? If so, what time would be best for either/both? Anyone interested in Merchant of Venus or Railroad Tycoon Europe? Dave ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rob" To: BottosCon2008@^$1 Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 1:28:13 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific Subject...
    seattleda@comcast.net 28 Oct, 2008
  • The list of games that I like to play are mostly resource management, economic, or empire building type board games - not really wargames. Stuff like Through the Ages, PowerGrid, Bohnanza, Railroad Tycoon, etc. (See an old list of my game collection here: http://tinyurl.com/bgg-seattleda) Are there many people interested in these games or is Bottoscon mostly for GMT wargames? Thanks! Dave
    seattleda@comcast.net 30 Sep, 2008