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  • All, I just put some comments on the 2014 Schedule to update the games for this year. Friday night: Furball with Fokker D.VIIs vs Sopwith Snipes. I now have 5 each, and if we need more mayhem, Rob can throw more into the mix. Saturday morning: Nothing set, but the tables should be available for something. Saturday afternoon: Defend London. Gotha bombers, or something else, will be...
    t.michael.owen@... 20 Sep, 2014
  • Darn! And I am over on the island.Could do a Wings of Glory Skype game on Saturday, and do a dry run on the Friday Night Furball? Mike :)
    t.michael.owen@... 24 Aug, 2014
  • Michel, You will be missed. To bad you won't be able to take part in the Dogfight Challenge this year. However, family does have priority. Perhaps 2015? Mike :)
    t.michael.owen@... 24 Aug, 2014
  • All,My present plan unfortunately includes a college class on Friday morning. So, down the island to Nanaimo for the 3:15 PM ferry to Tsawwassen (arriving at 5:30 PM), and over to Surrey, hopefully for a 7:00 PM game. That should be the Furball with Fokker D.VIIs vs Sopwith Snipes/S.E.5as. So, that's the first Wings of Glory game for the weekend, there will be others on Saturday...
    t.michael.owen@... 22 Aug, 2014
  • Martin, To play a plane you need a stand, a stats card and a maneuver deck for that particular plane. If you are using altitude rules you need an adjustable stand, or an altitude indicator of some type. Check out the forum at "wingsofwar.org" for all sorts of how-tos, downloadable files and other goodies. There are custom airplane cards there, and I can help with custom cards, too...
    t.michael.owen@... 11 Aug, 2014
  • Rob, I will have 5 D.VIIs and 5 Snipes. However, I have only one each of the SE5As and SS D.IIIs. Oh, and a D.VIII! Depending on how many wish to play, two planes per person would be nice. We'll have to see if we get some pre-registrations. Bring planes, and we'll wing it. Mike :)
    t.michael.owen@... 6 Aug, 2014
  • All, I had too much fun last year, so I'm coming back. I will fill up a full schedule of Wings of Glory WWI scenarios, for Friday evening to Saturday evening. The Forssmann Bomber is back with the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society, so I am trying to find a replacement. If I can get what I want, it will be featured in a Saturday Afternoon game, and it will be as, or more...
    t.michael.owen@... 6 Aug, 2014
  • Not sure, yet. Just found out they want me to buy a ticket for the con, even if I run games. HmmmÂ… Also, I sent in the time slots I prefer and scenario descriptions, but they haven't posted them to the site. So, I will get back to you. Jumping in for an hour on Friday would work, not Saturday. Once the rotation starts in the Dogfight Challenge, people leaving would seriously mess...
    oldguy59_wgf 14 Dec, 2013
  • All, Just made my hotel reservation for GottaCon. I should be running a Wings of Glory game on Friday and Saturday evening. Anyone that can make it is welcome. If there are any Wings of War/Glory Players in Victoria that would be willing to help with running or coaching, that would be helpful, too. See you there! Mike :) --- In BottosCon@^$1, "Aldo Santolla" wrote: > > Friday...
    oldguy59_wgf 13 Dec, 2013
  • Roger, Something I may have mis-stated. Later planes (IE: Camels, SPAD XIIIs, Fokker Dr.1s, and Albatros DVas) are the 1916-17 planes I was suggesting for the first batch. The really good planes, the other "later" planes I mentioned below, are the 1917-1918 planes (IE: Fokker DVIIs, Pfalz D.IIIs, Sopwith Snipes, SE5as). These should be called "End of War" planes. Sorry for any...
    oldguy59_wgf 4 Dec, 2013