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  • Sure. I don't think our day is too locked down. Sent from my iPhone On Sep 9, 2014, at 5:20 PM, "Jay White gogomax49@^$1 [BottosCon]" < BottosCon@^$2 > wrote: I'll be playing A Distant Plain on Saturday evening. I don't suppose you'd be interested in doing Space Empires earlier on Saturday? jay On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Sturmwind Sturmwind@^$3 [BottosCon] < BottosCon@^$4...
    Tony Christney 9 Sep, 2014
  • I am, but I'm also interested in the WoW furball. I was going to ask the same question as you though, so we are on the same page. Maybe Saturday? Sent from my iPhone
    Tony Christney 21 Aug, 2014
  • Ben Hesketh and I are sharing a room Friday and Saturday nights. Tony Christney Sent from my iPhone
    Tony Christney 22 Oct, 2012