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  • Bill, Rich Jenulis, a Seattle ASLer, expressed interest in a ride / room share. He lives in Edmonds, and his e-mail is: r.jenulis@^$1 Unfortunately, my carpool is already full and I don't have a room to share. Dan
    Dan Owsen 6 Nov, 2013
  • Games for sake? That sounds like an awesome deal! (Unfortunately I don't have the two titles you are looking for...)
    Dan Owsen 23 Oct, 2013
  • Anyone interested in possibly starting up the Dynamo scenario in France '40 on Sunday? We may not be able to get through it all, but it doesn't have a ton of pieces, and I'd just like to get a feel for the game before heading back to Seattle.
    zebradano 9 Oct, 2013
  • Hello, If you are interested in any of the games in my collection, please let me know and I will bring them for the swap meet. No obligation to buy. Here's a list: http://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/mummykitty Anything marked "For Trade" is available for reasonable prices. I might be convinced to part with some that are not marked "For Trade", but the price may not be...
    zebradano 30 Sep, 2013
  • Hey Bottosconners, I'll be stepping up my game this year, and here's what I'm looking to play: Up Front (Andrew--it's 501 DYO this year, right?) France '40 (It's not out yet, but I know I'll want to play it) Musket & Pike Magic: the Gathering (pick up games, or cube draft, anyone?) Also, anyone want any of my games? If you are interested, I can bring some to trade, put in swap meet...
    zebradano 13 Aug, 2013
  • If any of you BC folk are looking for more games, check out this guy's collection: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/940700/wargame-collection-must-go Nothing I particularly want, but tastes may vary. Dan
    zebradano 4 Mar, 2013
  • I'll play Up Front in the later part of the day on Friday. I was thinking about playing Fed Comm in the afternoon, but could probably be easily convinced to switch to Up Front if there are players wanting to play. I'll play full rules, including Japanese and British, but I don't have the Desert module. Dan O
    Dan Owsen 30 Oct, 2012
  • The bad news is that the Latin Salsa group will be IN the same room with us this year! ;-) --- In BottosCon@^$1, "robinkorea2002" wrote: > > > Guys, I spoke with the hotel today to go over our requirements for the convention. The good news is that the Latin Salsa group will not be next door to us this year. > > Rob Bottos > BottosCon Actual > >
    zebradano 27 Sep, 2012
  • ...finalized no later than October 19th this year as I have to move the weekend of October 27th. > > Rob > > --- In BottosCon@^$2, "zebradano" wrote: > > > > Hi Duncan, > > > > I'll double-check, but I'm sure both are in great condition. Hellenes is stickered and punched...
    zebradano 17 Sep, 2012
  • ...Rice" wrote: > > I might be interested in Hellenes and A Frozen Hell depending on condition and price. > > Duncan Rice > > From: zebradano > Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 8:32 AM > To: BottosCon@^$2 > Subject: [BottosCon] Game sale > > > Hey Guys, > > First, I'm...
    zebradano 17 Sep, 2012