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20723The Audit Report

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  • Dan Swanson
    Jan 25

      Dan Swanson and Associates, Ltd.
      We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle

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      Ethics and the Internal Auditor
      In these turbulent times, ethics continues to be a frequent topic of corporate, shareholder, stakeholder, and regulatory conversations. Meanwhile, companies continue to look for ways to emphasize the importance of strong ethics, integrity, and proper conduct and seek strategies to embed processes within their organizational structure. Yet, as we know, incidents of bad behavior still occur. It is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Once we find the answer to address a specific issue, another question or problem arises.
      Spotting Potentially Fraudulent Shell Companies During Audits
      Within a company's accounts payable file, shell companies are being used to steal millions of dollars or to conceal bribery payments which violate anti-bribery and corruption laws, so spotting them is critical.
      Are You Ready for Data Privacy Day?
      This Saturday, January 28, is Data Privacy Day. Intended as a day to raise awareness and promote good data privacy practices, it offers a unique opportunity to drive home the best practices message.
      Survey of Internal Auditors on Audit Planning and Staffing Priorities
      MIS Training Institute has launched a survey to gather the views of internal auditors on what areas they are auditing and what their priorities are in 2017. The survey is currently open and we are inviting North American internal auditors to complete it.
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