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21025The Audit Report

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  • Dan Swanson
    Mar 7
      Dan Swanson and Associates, Ltd.
      We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle


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      Finding Top Internal Audit Talent
      For internal audit directors and leaders, getting the right mix of skills in the department can be a tricky undertaking. Not only are data analytics and cybersecurity capabilities becoming more important, but internal auditors must continue to demonstrate critical thinking, communicate well, and navigate complex situations with diplomacy as they take on new responsibilities and take internal audit into new areas. To shed some light on these and other issues, we recently caught up with Anne DeTraglia, director of internal audit at United Airlines, to talk about how she finds good internal audit talent, the skills she views as important to taking internal audit to the next level, and how internal audit departments are evolving.
      A Revolution in Risk Management
      Typically, reporting to the management team and the board has been in terms of risks, focusing only on the things that might happen that would be harmful. This allows the consideration of risks, but not how they might affect the achievement of objectives and which ones might be "at risk." Why not turn the information around and use it to indicate the likelihood that the organization will achieve each of its objectives? For each initiative, what is the likelihood of success?
      Understanding Risk-Based IT Audit Planning
      Fast-moving changes in technology have added to the potential risks companies face. It is not always easy for senior management to wrap its arms around information technology risks confronting their organization. However, internal audit departments can help shed light on the issue through risk-based IT audit planning.
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