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  • Dan Swanson
    2 May, 2017
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      Four Communication Tips to Increase Internal Auditor Effectiveness
      Why do some internal auditors effectively prepare workpapers and write audit reports with ease, yet stumble when it comes to most other forms of communication? Whether speaking with teammates, meeting with audit customers, or presenting to the Chief Audit Executive or audit committee, an internal auditor will find the job extremely difficult if he or she cannot be clear and concise when trying to make a point.
      Are You Ready for the New EU Data Privacy Protections?
      In a little more than a year, U.S. companies that do business in Europe or have customers or employees there will need to comply with a new set of European Union data protection and privacy laws. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will take effect in May 2018, subjecting most companies to its somewhat onerous provisions. The GDPR was designed to enhance data protections for EU residents and to provide a framework for company use of their personal data. It also comes with hefty penalties for non-compliance.
      Auditing the Use of Open Source Software Code
      If your organization is developing applications, it's likely that some of the code is borrowed from open source software that can be found freely on the Internet. While such code makes developing applications much easier, its use can come with legal hoops to jump through and security vulnerabilities that, if left unmanaged, could pose significant risks to the organization. Conducting an audit of the use of open source software code can help companies get a handle on this emerging risk area.
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