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21553The Audit Report

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  • Dan Swanson
    May 9

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      The 2017 Internal Audit Planning and Staffing Priorities Report
      Is internal audit focusing on the areas that have the greatest impact on the organization? To attempt to answer this question, MISTI partnered with Experis Finance to survey more than 600 internal auditors about their plans, priorities, and concerns for the near future. The survey covered a range of topics, from how internal auditors construct their audit plans to how they’re developing internal auditors who can effectively execute those plans. The full survey report, including findings and resulting action items, is now available for download.
      Six Best Practices of World Class CAEs
      It is not uncommon for chief audit executives (CAEs) to read thought leadership that highlights internal audit’s inability to meet stakeholder expectations and areas where there is room for improvement. While these insights may provide specific examples of what internal auditors should do to improve their perceptions, the “how-to” of these articles usually include recommendations that indirectly infer the thought leader should be hired to fix the problem.
      Spotting Potentially Fraudulent Shell Companies During Audits
      Boards of directors, shareholders, management teams, and professional standards all expect internal auditors to respond to the risk of fraud in core business systems. Within a company's accounts payable file, shell companies are being used to steal millions of dollars or to conceal bribery payments which violate anti-bribery and corruption laws. Scandals range from thousands to millions of dollars and always result in embarrassing moments for the company and management, so spotting them is critical.
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