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23174RE: [GOV DG] Risk Management Conferences?

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  • <Alex.Dali@...>
    1 Oct, 2017


      Thanks Norman for alerting me….


      6th international ISO 31000 risk management conference

      Last week was an amazing conference on the international ISO 31000 risk management standard !


      with an outstanding list of high profile speakers :


      in an exceptional venue in Dubai :


      We are breaking the silos thanks to the collaborations of PMI, ISACA, ACFE and AACE local chapters.

      We need to acknowledge the support of our strategic partners for this year : Dubai Quality Group, Dubai Police and NATO remembering the support we got in previous years from UN, World Bank, IFC, UNECE, ISO, OECD, and many others governmental entities, associations, institutes and companies.


      The 6th international ISO 31000 risk management conference in Dubai, thanks from government and authorities support has been instrumental in the great success…

      Next year will be in Europe, probably in Geneva where the Headquarters of ISO Central Secretariat is located.


      We are targeting 500+ participants next year, probably June 2018! We will open for registration as soon as dates and location are confirmed.

      Do not miss the next one.


      Fake news !

      Wanted by the Police ? Really ? Since 2003, I went nearly every year to Singapore without any problem, with a stamp on my passport….

      G31000 Asia is based in Singapore since 2014.

      Any allegation on my name is fake and I cannot imagine that any intelligent person would believe this kind of information spread by one single individual who has declared himself bankrupted in US Court and fled from USA to Peru.

      You might want to know that Singapore Police has issued a Certificate of Clearance on my name.

      Here is the official documents issued by Singapore Police for those having any doubt: https://goo.gl/Bs8KB4

      It is uploaded on G31000 website to record those interested.


      Keep up the good work in the GOV DG group without getting polluted by fake news.


      Kind regards from Dubai…will be back in Europe in the coming weeks, but now I need to rest 😊




      Alex Dali, President

      Global Institute for Risk Management Standards – G31000

      Skype : Alex-Dali

      Email : Alex.Dali@...

      Website: http://G31000.org/

      Visit our recent 6th international ISO 31000 risk management conference – Sept2017 in Dubai : http://G31000conference.org/



      From: Norman Marks [mailto:nmarks2@...]
      Sent: Friday, September 29, 2017 1:47 AM
      To: Daniel Roberts <daniel.roberts01@...>; Alex Dali <Alex.Dali@...>
      Cc: Matt Kelly <mkelly@...>; GOV DG2 <GOV_DG2@...>
      Subject: Re: [GOV DG] Risk Management Conferences?


      Let's have Alex respond to this. 



      Norman D. Marks, CPA, CRMA 

      OCEG Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management

      Evangelist for Better Run Business

      On Sep 28, 2017, at 1:30 PM, Daniel Roberts <daniel.roberts01@...> wrote:


      On 28/09/2017 4:25 PM, "Daniel Roberts" <daniel.roberts01@...> wrote:

      Beware, G31000 ous dubious at best.


      On 28/09/2017 9:28 AM, "Norman Marks nmarks2@... [GOV_DG2]" <GOV_DG2-noreply@...> wrote:


      Sorry, Matt, there is no 'S': http://g31000.org/conferences/


      This should be an excellent conference





      Norman D. Marks, CPA, CRMA

      Author, Evangelist and Mentor for Better Run Business

      OCEG Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management


      Join me online: IIA Governance blog | GRC and Audit blog | Twitter | LinkedIn



      On Thursday, September 28, 2017, 6:25:50 AM PDT, Matt Kelly <mkelly@...> wrote:




      Thank you Norman!





      On Sep 28, 2017, at 12:13 AM, Norman Marks nmarks2@... [GOV_DG2] <GOV_DG2-noreply@...> wrote:



      IRM and GS31000



      Norman D. Marks, CPA, CRMA 

      OCEG Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management

      Evangelist for Better Run Business

      On Sep 27, 2017, at 8:21 PM, mkelly@... [GOV_DG2] <GOV_DG2-noreply@...> wrote:




      Question for the group-- an acquaintance of mine, working at a software vendor edging into the ERM market, wants to know what good industry conferences there are focused *specifically* on ERM. Any suggestions?


      This vendor already works in regulatory compliance, and goes to those events; they also don't want to go full tilt into internal audit events like an IIA or MISTI conference. (Although they admire those events.)


      Said person is looking for conferences dedicated to ERM or operational risk management. Something like RIMS, I suppose. Any other suggestions? 


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      Matt Kelly


      Radical Compliance 




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