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  • Dan Swanson
    Oct 17

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      One of the great advantages of using rotational auditors is that you begin to infiltrate the business with managers who think like auditors. Sound audit thinking in the company equates to big-picture thinking and better risk management. Where companies may do some variation of a rotational program, perhaps using rotational auditors is an untapped resource in your company. If rotational auditing sounds like something you’d like to try – do it. We put together a few steps to get going in that direction.
      Weekly Insights
      This is the second article in a four-part series this month celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In this installment, we offer up 11 helpful tips that you can deploy in your organizations to ensure that you’re not impacted by known exploits. From ensuring that default passwords are not being used, to conducting regular penetration tests, you’ll want to keep these top of mind.
      Internal auditors would fare well-taking inspiration from these iconic Seinfeldisms and keep the following five ideas in mind to better structure their meetings and help them be more efficient. (That's right. Either grab your headphones or close your office door and block off the next ten minutes of your schedule – you’re going to enjoy the short videos that accompany this special article).
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      Webinar Training:
      Introduction to Auditing IT General Controls
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