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698The Ghost Troop Nuclear Mutiny

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  • Captain May
    12 Apr, 2012
      The Ghost Troop Nuclear Mutiny

      By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

      Major William Fox, a former Marine Corps officer, and Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, a retired Army Intelligence NCO, both stand tall in any history of Ghost Troop. Both were key players in counter-false-flag missions, and afterward became key members of the unit staff. MAJ Fox worked tirelessly to write the trilogy about Ghost Troop, Mission of Conscience, while SFC Buswell contributed to The Lone Star Iconoclast editorial, Captain Eric H. May Deserves Medal of Honor.

      Why would such honorable men conspire against their leader and exemplar, and urge other honorable men to join them? Are they so insidious, or am I so invidious? I think neither, and prefer to believe that it’s a matter of intelligence professionals who have the atomic jitters.about our likely future — a false flag nuke with a nuke war to follow. My assessment of their anxiety comes from past and not present experience. There is nothing like a death sentence to steady the nerves, and I’ve neared the end so many times that I’m numb to the fears common to more vital men. I’m serene as the commander of Ghost Troop, and accordingly the most important (and unmentionable) officer of my generation.

      I present the crucial emails of early April as an indication that we live in interesting times. I’ve edited some for brevity. and clarity, while trying to preserve both the key details and general sentiments.

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