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Canadian withdraws application - CBC: 'She's still most qualified applicant'

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  • Tropical_11th
    Article: Pull-out Date: Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 Source: www.NationNews.com - Barbados NationNews Link: http://www.nationnews.com/StoryView.cfm?
    Message 1 of 1 , 21 Apr, 2004
      Article: Pull-out
      Date: Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
      Source: www.NationNews.com - Barbados NationNews

      Link: http://www.nationnews.com/StoryView.cfm?

      The Canadian at the centre of a controversy at the Caribbean
      Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) [ http://www.cbcbarbados.bb/ ], which
      led to a union threat of strike action, has opted out of the running
      for the deputy general manager post.

      In a statement read on television last night by general manager
      Allison Roach just minutes after arriving in the island, CBC said
      while it was unfortunate that Heidi Rasmussen had withdrawn her
      application, it remained firm in the view that it was transparent in
      its efforts to fill the post.

      Denying charges by the Barbados Workers' Union (BWU) that the
      appointment of Rasmussen would have amounted to supersession over
      current CBC employees for a post that had always been reserved for
      Barbadians, Roach said only one person in the corporation "could be
      argued was eligible to be considered for appointment" to the post
      but, despite encouragement, declined to apply.

      "It should be noted that two persons working within the organisation
      did in fact apply for the position and were interviewed.

      "However, the board determined that they did not possess the
      requisite management experience and so were not considered to be
      suitable candidates for appointment to the position. It should also
      be noted that the position had been advertised in April 2003 and two
      Barbadian nationals and one Jamaican married to a Barbadian had been
      subsequently offered the position. They all declined the offer," she

      The CBC boss added: "Ms Heidi Rasmussen, a Canadian married to a
      Barbadian, was recommended to fill the position after [it] was again
      advertised in December 2003 and interviews for the post held in
      January 2004.

      "Ms Rasmussen was adjudged the most qualified of the candidates
      interviewed. Not only did she have experience in all aspects of
      television management production, presentation and sales, but she had
      led a restructuring process exercise at her previous employers.

      "In light of the above, the board therefore recommended to the
      minister- that Ms Rasmussen should be appointed to the position of
      deputy general manager . . . based on both her vast broadcasting and
      managerial experience and her legal entitlement to be registered as a
      citizen of Barbados under Section 6 of the Constitution of Barbados
      (dualed citizenship). In the circumstances, therefore, it is
      incorrect to suggest that the corporation planned to appoint a non-
      national to the position as alleged."

      According to Roach, the "corporation is satisfied that it has
      complied with all statutory obligations imposed on it by its
      governing act and that its recommendation to appoint a person
      entitled to be registered as a Barbadian citizen was consistent with
      the Government's national employment policy as articulated within
      Protocol Four of the Social Partnership".

      She said too it was "disquieting that the union would be reported as
      proposing to take such extreme action as threatening to call out its
      members where there has been no stated industrial dispute" with CBC.[-
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