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    2005 WORLD SUMMIT MUST CONSIDER WAYS TO PROTECT, PROMOTE WOMEN S RIGHTS – UN OFFICIAL New York, Jul 5 2005 6:00PM With many competing interests and
    Message 1 of 1 , 6 Jul, 2005
      New York, Jul 5 2005 6:00PM

      With many competing interests and expectations vying
      for attention in the run up to the 2005 World Summit,
      world leaders must make sure that any decisions they
      take in September will ultimately promote and protect
      the rights of women, the top United Nations adviser on
      women's issues said today.

      Addressing the opening
      <"http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2005/wom1510.doc.htm">meeting of
      the 33rd session of the Committee on the
      Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Rachel
      Mayanja, Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Adviser
      to the on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women
      stressed the 23-member expert body's tireless
      commitment to that aim – ensuring that real-life
      benefits were the guiding principle in gauging how
      women could gain from decisions taken by the
      international community.

      The 23-member Committee of experts, which monitors
      implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of
      All Forms of Discrimination against Women, also worked
      diligently to highlight the specific areas of concern
      in each of the States parties that came before it for a
      constructive dialogue about their compliance, Ms.
      Mayanja said.

      She added the Committee's approach to gender equality,
      as reflected in its general recommendations, statements
      and concluding comments, made it very clear that States
      parties to the Convention were obliged to tackle the
      structural causes of discrimination against women.
      Only by challenging the ingrained and systemic roots of
      women's inequality would true equality with men be
      realized, she said.

      For more details go to UN News Centre at

      Former Brooklyn Bar Head Gets 27-Month Prison Term
      New York Law Journal

      New York federal Judge John Gleeson on Tuesday
      sentenced a former Brooklyn Bar Association president
      to 27 months in prison, six months less than the
      minimum called for by the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.
      Imposing Edward Reich's sentence for accepting $10,500
      in bribes while acting as a court-appointed referee,
      Gleeson called the lawyer's acts "a flat out abuse of
      power." In departing from sentencing guidelines,
      Gleeson said he was influenced by Reich's health, age
      and agreement to pay restitution.



      Brown's Name in the Mix of Possible High Court Picks
      The Recorder

      After Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her
      resignation from the U.S. Supreme Court, Christian
      groups, conservative commentators and others began
      beating the drums to have Janice Rogers Brown named her
      successor. But most political pundits said Brown --
      recently confirmed for the D.C. Circuit after being
      filibustered for nearly two years -- would be a highly
      unlikely choice. "She's already been the source of
      great controversy," said one law professor. "And she's
      too new to the federal court system."


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