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15407"Electric cars’ green image blackens beneath the bonnet"

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  • Steve Kurtz
    8 Nov, 2017
      They totally miss the extra weight of batteries which wears tires faster and damages roadways more per mile on average. If anyone knows an investor (few million) I’ve a friend in Oz who has a significant 2 cylinder engine which blows away the current technology. It works great in hybrids and smaller applications.


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      link requires a subscription, so a fried sent .pdf


      ...The humble Mitsubishi Mirage has none of the hallmarks of a futuristic, environmentally friendly car. It is fuelled by petrol, runs on an internal combustion engine and spews exhaust emissions through a tailpipe.

      But when the Mirage is assessed for carbon emissions throughout its entire lifecycle — from procuring the components and fuel, to recycling its parts — it can actually be a greener car than a model by Tesla, the US electric vehicle pioneer.

      According to data from the Trancik Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Tesla Model S P100D saloon driven in the US midwest produces 226 grammes of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) per kilometre over its lifecycle — a significant reduction to the 385g for a luxury 7-series BMW. But the Mirage emits even less, at just 192g.

      The MIT data substantiate a study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology...