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    8 Nov, 2017

      I worked at the GM safety research and development lab (proving grounds, Milford MI) in 1968. I thought Bob Lutz then was too focused on the next 15 years and I have the same feelings about this projection now. We are going to have a serious decline in energy deliveries (maybe more than 90%) this century. If we really want all the services that modern technology can provide we are looking at city living no suburbs or country homes. Tall apartment buildings with multiple basement levels filled various transportation tubes filled with electric transport for people, products, and waste, There will be no surface transport at all. All domestic, commercial, industrial, recreational, and waste transport will be through these tubes. There will be no regular vehicles on the surface larger than bikes or the occasional construction crane using bike lanes in the middle of the night. His view of autonomous surface vehicles results from what today's thinkers have concluded given their extrapolation of today's transport problems -- clogged roads and few parking spaces. But this view is like Lutz's 1968 muscle car visions of making passing easier on two lane roads which went away and nullified the need for 8 MPG 400 horsepower cars. In my view of a sustainable high end lifestyle for people on earth circa 2100, all surface transport (autonomous surface cars too) will go away and be replaced with multilevel underground electric transport connecting all the possible destinations at all the levels of service.

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