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15558FW: The Movie "Killing Europe" has been cancelled

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  • Madeline Weld
    24 Nov, 2017

      If anyone in the Ottawa area was planning to go to the Ottawa Public Library on Saturday to view the film Killing Europe, don’t go – it has been cancelled. The OPL caved into pressure from Antifa. However, the good news is that you can watch the film in the comfort of your own home by vimeo for a lot less than it would have cost you to go the Library. You can see it here for $3.74 CAD: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/killingeurope/238970726.


      On Wednesday, I spoke to someone at the Library about security. Everything was still set to go. I had made the booking on October 24th. The Library only notified us of the cancellation on Friday. Not by phone, although they had my phone numbers. The Library said that the film did not conform to their Terms and Conditions, but they had since October 24th to see it, and didn’t cancel it until the last minute. People were not only calling the Library, they were also calling the mayor and city councillors demanding the film be cancelled.


      You might consider contacting the mayor and your councillor and express your disappointment about the stifling of free speech.  You might also consider contacting the Library and express your disappointment that they caved in to pressure. The OPL chief executive officer, who notified me of the cancellation, is Danielle McDonald, danielle.mcdonald@....


      But the good news is that the filmmaker Michael Hansen has informed us that as a result of all the publicity, lots and lots of people are viewing his film online. And that’s the whole point, to get lots of people to see the film.


      We plan to try to show the film early next year. The venue will probably be in Toronto.






      From: Valerie Price [mailto:valerieprice73@...]
      Sent: November 24, 2017 6:05 PM
      To: info@...
      Subject: The Movie "Killing Europe" has been cancelled
      Importance: High


      Our event has been cancelled.  The Ottawa Public Library caved to the pressure of the Left.


      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.



      ACT! For Canada

      invites you to Michael Hansen’s

      documentary on the Islamization of Europe


      Image result for Killing Europe


      Please join us at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library for the showing of “KILLING EUROPE” produced by Michael Hansen, also known as “The Missing Dane.”  Hansen left his native Denmark for America fifteen years ago. He recently returned to Europe to make his documentary about the changes that have occurred since his departure. The extent of the Islamization of Europe is shocking – terrorist attacks, no-go zones, riots and gang rapes – with those in authority both in denial and cowed, seemingly blind to the catastrophe their “multicultural” doctrine has unleashed. Michael Hansen will be attending the showing of his film and will be available afterwards to answer questions and discuss the existential threat that Islam poses for the West.


      See Vlad Tepes’ interview with Michael Hansen here and a trailer for the film on the Gates of Vienna here.


      Date:                              Saturday, November 25, 2017

      Time:                             2 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

      Location:                       Ottawa Public Library, Main Auditorium

      Address:                        120 Metcalfe St. (corner of Laurier Ave. W.)

      Cost:                             $20.00; students with ID $15.00


      For further information, please contact info@...


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