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15645Demographic-Environmental Stress and Mass Atrocities

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  • Steve Kurtz
    29 Nov, 2017
      from last March


      Can Demographic-Environmental Stress Contribute to Mass Atrocities? 

      March 30, 2017 By Sara Merken

      In a brief published by the Stanley Foundation, Cullen Hendrix explores how “the degradation and overexploitation of renewable sources…and unequal access to these resources” can make societies more or less susceptible to experiencing mass atrocities. Hendrix proposes that “demographic-environmental stress” is most likely to contribute to mass atrocities (genocide, war crimes, or crimes against humanity) in agricultural societies that have a high level of group identity-driven politics and economics, exclusionary political institutions, political actors that deprive certain groups, or when governments have low legitimacy. Rwanda and Darfur are prominent examples of places where resource conflict resulted in large-scale killings. Hendrix recommends investing in early warning capabilities, building a research agenda focused on mass atrocities, maintaining an open space for civil society and the media, and addressing land pressures and land tenure reforms to reduce dangers in vulnerable societies...


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