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15712Re: [gaiapc] We should not despair...

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  • narguimbau@earthlink.net
    5 Dec, 2017

      I also tell everyone I know that I = PAT but I also tell them that the leaders of our governments and the leaders of our major environmental groups maintain a strict conspiracy of silence concerning P and in recent years have added a strict conspiracy of silence concerning A, leaving them consigned to a futile attempt to solve our problems through T alone. In retrospect this is hardly surprising. P x A = GDP.

      And so it came to pass that the Paris agreement was adopted unanimously with a core principle - that we should do our best to have a carbon-free future while not jeopardizing any country's GDP. Given that growth of the GDP has been in lockstep with the growth of fossil fuel consumption for the last 50 years, how do you think our efforts will progress?

       My vision of the future is of the last humans, two males, in a burning hot desert fighting over the last remaining food - a can of rotten meat. That can will be so astonishingly valuable and its value will be escalating so astonishingly fast as the two men breathe their last, that a quick calculation will reveal that the GDP and its growth rate have reached its all-time high. Suddenly Jesus appears in a flash of light; the fight pauses for a moment and the men stare at the vision. Jesus quietly inquires, "Have you forgotten the Golden Rule? One of the men asks, "What's that? and the other says,"We're just hallucinating. Jesus fades away and the men resume their fight.

      Thank you both, Anne and Paul, for your unending wisdom, including your contribution of I = PAT to our understanding.

      On 12/5/2017 12:39 PM, Luis Gutierrez ltg4263@... [gaiapc] wrote:
      Keep In Mind: The Thugs Running the U.S. Government Are a Small Part of the Story
      Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul T. Ehrlich
      Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, 5 December 2017


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