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  • Richard Balfour
    5 Dec, 2017
      See also John Ralston Sauls work on why Canada is a Metis nation, the rate of intermarriage here is higher, particularly in French Canada.
      Also book Indian Givers and another, 1491.
      On 2017-12-05, at 12:30 PM, Stanley N Salthe ssalthe@... [thegreatchange] wrote:


      Jada -- regarding your latest posting, I paste in this (lifted from a text I'm reviewing) regarding the European colonization f North America:

      "Then there were those whites, who had been taken prisoners by Indians and were adopted by them. In various treaties white authorities would regularly demand them back, but often these prisoners refused to leave the Indian community. Living with the Indians had given them taste for freedom, and they did not like the idea of returning to Civilization with all its burdens and artificial life-ways. That was a fact, which puzzled Franklin Benjamin’s (1706-1790) mind a lot. Axtell gives an account of that and with a reference to the French-American writer Hector de Crèvecoeur (1735-1813) he sums up that “thousands of Europeans are Indians,” but “we have no examples of even one of those Aborigines having from choice become Europeans!”188 There was no famous person among those White Indians, so their voices mostly faded away, but Axtell saved a few of them; one said: “the most perfect freedom, the ease of living, [and] the absence of those cares corroding solicitudes which so often prevail with us.”


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