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15716fw: Re: [ASPO] Continuing the conversation...ASPOM??

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  • howe@megalink.net
    6 Dec, 2017
      FYI, here is a hurried response and some ideas I sent to the ASPO USA list that I've been involved with for years.

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      Subject: Re: [ASPO] Continuing the conversation
      Never before has there been such a need for a world-wide clearing house for post-oil-age REALITY...now that it is here.
      I would propose a new association like: ASPOM to supersede what has transpired; but to include forward thinking on ALL related issues:
      ASPOM= Association for post oil age mediation. ( the acronym would indicate a renewal and succession of ASPO)
      Chapters( in no particular order):
      1. Post peak global URR quantitative fundamentals...at what price?
      2.Interaction with popular Climate-Change-environmental movements.
      3.Debt and degrowth economic fundamentals...The fallacy of interest in an age of collapse.
      4.POPULATION growth and per-capita facts.
      5.Media, marketing, social-network coordination.  Bibliography.. Clearing House.
      6. Alternatives (if any) for mitigation in the imminent age of collapse. At 22 barrels per person per year, of course, the U.S. is most implicated and at risk.
      7. The egregious impact and lifestyle of U.S. gasoline consumption ( 400 gallons per year per person to drive three trillion miles!)..which must end soon whether we like it or not.
      8. The truth and reality regarding the myths of electric cars and sporadic solar energy.  Storage? Cost?
      9. How will we feed ourselves without oil?
      10 The impact of oil on geophysical turmoil.
      Is there enough manpower in the old ASPO-USA to tackle these challenges, or do we give up?
      Maybe our ASPO contacts in other countries like: Aleklit, Campbell, Roger Bentley, Bardi, Trainer, etc. would join in.
      Happy Holidays to all.
      John Howe
      For reference, see attached.

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      Sent: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 8:25 AM
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      Subject: Re: [ASPO] Continuing the conversation
      I have no doubt that peak oil will profoundly affect our civilization in the relatively near-future. The data are clear in this slide from a Schlumberger presentation in New York on Monday.
      Inline image 1
      That does not change the fact that ASPO USA had a questionable results by beating the peak oil drum for more than a decade. Nor does it suggest that more of the same going forward, albeit in a less strenuous way, would be more effective.
      The decisions that we reached at The Oil Drum were precisely in that light. Peak oil is real and important. The people who don't get it or prefer to ignore it will not be swayed by repeated efforts to say it differently after so may years of effort.
      All the best,