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  • balfourarch
    13 Nov, 2012
      Rat overcrowding does not translate to the human condition, this is old news.
      However other factors make it no better, including the alienation from high density, irony of loss of community in contrast to the image.
      But the big FU factor is just plain logistics of end of any number of things makes the city unable to be serviced in perpetuity and the tripping points are lining up fast. Cities are not the solution Proposition One.  If not but when, or soon.
      Before failure of food supplies happens, and before climate kicks the teeth out each place, the false economy based on now soaring energy cost will cause internal mayhem and out migration.  In this case the Chinese population so newly arrived seem to be ahead of the curve as lack of old social safety net sends them back to the village farm.
      Or in Greece, where family farms on the islands and up north are still in the family.
      One of the commentators on this article says US citizens crowded but not at each others throats; well not til the gas ran out in NY.

      On the HOT scale of solutions, Paolo Solari used to dream up great urban solutions the size of mountains, on oceans, in space, and all exciting visual wonders and conceit, but unfortunately ignored EROI, and a little thing called food, as in real production and supply of. Current Alpha Cities are also just as divorced from reality. The Gaia optimist school prefers internal urban strife and culling to out migration.  All major planning for cities and nations is based on that story line by accident or design. Like the rats but not really, same end.

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