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Fwd: Digging for The Truth on Site C Dam Job Numbers

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    Message 1 of 1 , 23 Nov, 2017

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      Date: November 23, 2017 9:03:09 AM PST
      Subject: Digging for The Truth on Site C Dam Job Numbers
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      Digging for The Truth on Site C Dam Job Numbers

      By Sarah Cox

      Site C jobs are often cited as a main reason to proceed with the $9 billion dam on B.C.’s Peace River. But how many jobs would Site C actually create? Are there really 2,375 people currently employed on the project, as widely reported this month?

      DeSmog Canada dove into Site C jobs numbers. We found dubious claims, political spin, and far too much secrecy. Read more.

      PHOTOS: Documenting the North's Mighty and Threatened Peel Watershed

      By Peter Mather

      The Peel Watershed covers 68,000 square kilometres of pristine mountains, wetlands, rivers, tundra and forest. It is world renowned for its rugged natural beauty and ecological richness, and, more recently, as a wilderness under threat. 

      Thousands of mining claims dot the territory, with companies seeking to extract copper, platinum, uranium, lead-zinc, and iron. The mines themselves would disrupt the landscape and watershed, and the roads required to support those mines have attracted their own criticism for the landscape fragmentation they would bring. Read more.

      NDP Union Heavyweights Come Out Fighting for Site C

      By Sarah Cox

      The Allied Hydro Council of B.C. is calling Site C a "hands-down winner" and held its second press conference in a week attempting to discredit some of the findings of the independent B.C. Utilities Commission investigation into the $9 billion dam. Read more.

      Trump Eyes Arctic Wildlife Refuge for Oil Drilling, Alarming Gwich’in

      By Matt Jacques

      In the remote north-eastern corner of Alaska, just under 20-million acres have been set aside as a federal protected area since 1960. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has recently come under threat, however, with President Donald Trump’s Department of the Interior proposing lifting restrictions on seismic exploration. Read more.

      B.C. Government Failing to Keep Data on Freshwater Resources Amid Fracking, Forestry Frenzy: Report

      By Sarah Cox

      Canadians are among the world’s top water guzzlers, with each person using enough water, on average, to fill almost 13,000 bathtubs each year, and pay little for the privilege. For example, in B.C., oil and gas companies pay pennies on the dollar compared to regular users for their water usage.

      But just how healthy are the lakes, rivers, and streams in B.C. that supply us with drinking water and H2O for industrial uses such as fracking? Read more.

      Enbridge, TransCanada Among 11 Canadian Oil and Gas Firms Using Tax Havens

      By James Wilt

      Eleven of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies have dozens of subsidiaries and related companies in known tax haven jurisdictions, according to a new report from the Ottawa-based non-profit Canadians for Tax Fairness.  Read more.

      Taseko’s Contaminated Water Discharge into Fraser River Prompts Resignation of Community From Mine Group

      By Judith Lavoie

      The Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society abruptly resigned this month from the Technical Advisory Committee that keeps tabs on water discharges from Taseko’s Gibraltar Mine, the second-largest open-pit copper mine in Canada. Read more.

      Canada Tells NAFTA Leaky Oilsands Tailings Ponds a ‘Challenge’ to Prove, Despite Existing Federal Study

      By James Wilt

      There’s no telling if the 220 square-kilometres of unlined tailings ponds in the Alberta oilsands are leaking contaminated waste into nearby water sources, according to the government of Canada. Read more.

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