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VBAP distance

The distance is to the center of the space. It can be used to tune the speakers by adjusting the delay time to each speaker. I usually don't bother with this
Stefan Smulovitz
20 Jul, 2010

VBAP distance

Hi, I'm setting up Kenaxis Surround and I see on the speaker setup window that there's now a parameter for "distance in meters to loudspeaker". What does this
20 Jul, 2010

Registering Kenaxis

The "please register" is my way of making the demo unusable for live use. Once you purchase Kenaxis this goes away. You make a good point that this is nebulous
Stefan Smulovitz
7 Oct, 2008

License questions, multiple computers, transfer, demo "please regist

Hi Stefan, I've been trying out the Kenaxis demo, very nice. Thank you for making the PC version available. I had some licensing questions, the first one might
7 Oct, 2008

Kenaxis 3.02 - Mac & PC and a new website!

Announcing Kenaxis 3.02 for Mac and 3.0 for PC. Kenaxis 3 has a bevy of new features including on-line help, adjustable crossfades in the Klangs for click free
Stefan Smulovitz
11 Sep, 2008

AudioBus Tour in San Francisco

Hello Kenaxis Folk, Just an FYI that I will be using an extensive application of Kenaxis this Saturday night in San Francisco on the AudioBus, a double-decker
David A. Graves
6 Aug, 2008

Kenaxis 2.37

A new version of Kenaxis is now available for download. A few bugs are fixed including compatibility with Pluggo Plugins is now possible. MIDI control is
Stefan Smulovitz
16 Aug, 2007
Soressa Gardner
4 Jul, 2007

Re: wii controller

There is the possibility of adding wii control into Kenaxis and it is on the to do list as well as adding OSC control. Perhaps by the end of the summer as I am
Stefan Smulovitz
3 Jul, 2007

Re: Kenaxis 2.35 and Kenaxis VBAP 1.22

Hi Stefan, I've got a wii controller that I use with a program from http://www.theamazingrolo.net/wii.html Any way to use it to trigger some things in Kenaxis?
Soressa Gardner
30 Jun, 2007

Kenaxis 2.35 and Kenaxis VBAP 1.22

There are now new versions of Kenaxis available for download on the web. The PC version is coming very soon I hope. eMail me if you want to be a beta tester of
Stefan Smulovitz
24 Jun, 2007

Re: Kenaxis Update

Hello Stefan, And greetings from Finland. Funny, I just demoed Kenaxis to Neff Irizarry (http://www.myspace.com/NeffIrizarry) yesterday and he was thrilled.
Juha Rantala
16 Jun, 2007

Kenaxis Update

Hello, I have just posted Kenaxis 2.34 and Kenaxis VBAP 1.21. Not only are a number of small bugs fixed in these versions but the major bug that occasionally
Stefan Smulovitz
25 May, 2007

Latest Apple update (Quicktime) may kill Kenaxis

There is an issue with the PACE system used by Max/MSP (The programming language that Kenaxis was written in) and some of the recent Apple updates. Here is a
Stefan Smulovitz
3 May, 2007

Re: Warning 10.4.9 update can kill Kenaxis for Intel users

Thanks for the warning! Do you know if we'll be ok with Leopard ? Pessi ... NEW BLOG OF IMPROVISATIONS: www.improvmemo.blogspot.com Home site:
14 Mar, 2007
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