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  • meltrek99
    27 Feb, 2007
      Hi Stephan

      I met you in Eugene when you performed with a friend of mine...Kurt Doles. Well I was so
      impressed with what you have down with Kenaxis, that I decided to purchase it, along with
      a UC-33 controller. VBAP is also on my list as well.

      My questions....

      1. Can you use the purchased license on more than one computer? I have a desktop Mac
      that is my main computer but when I travel I use my Powerbook. I would like them on
      both. Is that possible with purchase or is there a limit to how many computers I can have
      Kenaxis on?

      2. You state in your guide that the UC-33 is the default controller. Does that mean its a
      plug and play or do I still have to assign it within the preferences?

      3. If I want movement between a stereo pair of monitors, would VBAP work better?

      Again, I look forward to many hours of creative fun with this tool.

      Take care and all the best

      Melissa Stark
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