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16Kenaxis Update

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  • Stefan Smulovitz
    25 May, 2007

      I have just posted Kenaxis 2.34 and Kenaxis VBAP 1.21.

      Not only are a number of small bugs fixed in these versions but the major bug that
      occasionally kept Kenaxis from even opening with the new system updates has been fixed.

      Also there is a new updated manual included that describes the new basunera functions and
      in Kenaxis the new live in fx.

      Go to http://www.kenaxis.com/downloads/downloads.html to download the latest versions.

      Also for those of you in Vancouver I am performing with vocalist Viviane Houle, dancer Noam
      Gagnon, and visual artist Jamie Griffiths, live with Kenaxis VBAP and an 8 channel system on
      June 1st and 2nd. Go to http://lotfive.ca/Home.html for more info.

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