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22Re: [kenaxis] Kenaxis 2.35 and Kenaxis VBAP 1.22

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  • Soressa Gardner
    30 Jun, 2007
      Hi Stefan,

      I've got a wii controller that I use with a program fromĀ 

      Any way to use it to trigger some things in Kenaxis? :)


      On 24-Jun-07, at 2:22 PM, Stefan Smulovitz wrote:

      There are now new versions of Kenaxis available for download on the web.

      The PC version is coming very soon I hope. eMail me if you want to be a beta tester of the
      current version. - stefan@kenaxis.com


      What's new in Kenaxis 2.35, Kenaxis VBAP 1.22?

      Changed the keyboard shortcuts in the extras menu so that they do not conflict with the
      standard copy, cut, paste, undo shortcuts. This was necessary for PC compatibility as well.

      Changed the way files load using a new algorithm for PC compatibility. You should see no

      Added the ability to configure Kenaxis to work with any joystick or USB Human Interface
      controller. Open the Joystick window and select configure joystick. There are presets for
      the Wingman RumblePad and the Logictech Dual Action. If any of you configure Kenaxis to
      work with other joysticks I would love a screen shot of the joystick configure page and the
      name of the joystick/controller so that I can add more presests.

      Added the ability to use up to 96 channels of MIDI for use with multiple MIDI controllers.

      Added a way to customize which notes or cc#s trigger Klangs to play/pause, record,
      retrigger from start in the MIDI window.

      Added a shortcut to load one file or folder into all klangs and the granulator that are
      currently not playing. (Drag a file onto the X of the word KenaXis.) Press command R to
      quickly select a random selection of files all from the same folder!

      Improved speed of preset loading.

      Delay mix is no longer stored in a preset. This seems to make for more natural transitions
      when loading presets while playing.

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