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  • Stefan Smulovitz
    3 Feb, 2006
      Also -

      As per requests - I've added a few features to the analog synth. It now has a VST plugin -
      which can also be used as a VST instrument. There is the option of choosing a MIDI controller
      to control the VSTi, sine generator or noise generator. You can also use a small built in
      keyboard to control any of these.

      For added ease the keyboard can be played by using the computer keyboard. Press the caps
      lock down and ASDFGHJKL are the white keys and QWRTYIOP are the black keys. Volume is
      controlled from off to loudest by ZXZCV.

      If you wanted to setup a sampler instrument as a VSTi you could then use the computer
      keyboard to trigger those samples.

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