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31Kenaxis 3.02 - Mac & PC and a new website!

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  • Stefan Smulovitz
    11 Sep, 2008
      Announcing Kenaxis 3.02 for Mac and 3.0 for PC.

      Kenaxis 3 has a bevy of new features including on-line help,
      adjustable crossfades in the Klangs for click free looping. A unique
      negative crossfade that puts space in between the loops. Audio-rate
      pitch modulation and a number of interface improvements. I think you
      will really like it. A PC version is also finally ready. (Make sure to
      read the readme for the PC version.)

      Also I have a new website with an exciting new artist spotlight
      feature. If you use Kenaxis and would like to be included just send me
      an email at stefan@... and I will let you know what I need.

      In other exciting news - Electronic Musician is reviewing Kenaxis as
      part of an article on granular synthesis.

      All the best,


      PS - Kenaxis 3.02 adds the ability to mute a Klang and send its
      outputs to channels 3&4 on a multichannel audio interface so that you
      can monitor your sounds before adding them to the main mix.