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32License questions, multiple computers, transfer, demo "please register"

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  • Matt
    7 Oct, 2008
      Hi Stefan,
      I've been trying out the Kenaxis demo, very nice. Thank you for making
      the PC version available.

      I had some licensing questions, the first one might be dumb but
      overall perhaps posting here could save you an email or two.

      The "please register" prompt, does that mean please purchase a
      licensed copy or is there a registration of the demo which turns off
      the prompt and then you know who is using the demo?

      From the manual: "use one copy of the specified version of the
      Software and the accompanying documentation (the "Documentation") on
      any computer you personally own as a private individual"

      After purchase can I load my licensed copy into several personal
      computers that would be used by myself but only one Kenaxis at any
      given time? I purchased some piano software that allows this, it is
      very convenient. Or is a new license needed for each computer Kenaxis
      is on.

      My computer situation is very much in flux. If only one instance per
      license can be used, how do you approach transfer to a different machine?

      thank you,