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  • chris kelly
    18 Feb, 2006
      Hey Stefan,a couple kenaxis related things.1 is the
      vsti midi response is not quite right i'ts doin the
      same thing it did a few versions ago were polyphony is
      very limited and sustain acts wierdly.2 i down loaded
      pluggo light and when i try to use them they block all
      audio output.3 is just an idea.How hard would it be to
      send the tap tempo to the delay?perhaps with options
      for different beat subdivisions maybe even seperately
      assignable for left and right.anyway kenaxis rocks i'm
      using it tons lately and the upgrades are
      awesome.cheers CK

      --- Stefan Smulovitz <boaz18@...> wrote:

      > Also -
      > As per requests - I've added a few features to the
      > analog synth. It now has a VST plugin -
      > which can also be used as a VST instrument. There is
      > the option of choosing a MIDI controller
      > to control the VSTi, sine generator or noise
      > generator. You can also use a small built in
      > keyboard to control any of these.
      > For added ease the keyboard can be played by using
      > the computer keyboard. Press the caps
      > lock down and ASDFGHJKL are the white keys and
      > QWRTYIOP are the black keys. Volume is
      > controlled from off to loudest by ZXZCV.
      > If you wanted to setup a sampler instrument as a
      > VSTi you could then use the computer
      > keyboard to trigger those samples.
      > Stefan

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