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5kenaxis crash

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  • jeffcloke
    18 Jul, 2006
      I have been using Kenaxis and Kenaxis VBAP for some weeks with no problem. It's on a MAC
      iBook G4 with m-audio firewire 410 and Nobels MF-2 foot midi controller interfaced via the
      firewire 410.

      I was using Kenaxis (not VBAP) today in conjunction with a Plogue Bidule setup which was
      sharing input & output audio (not using rewire) and midi. All was going well for some hours,
      then Kenaxis crashed. Not really a problem in itself, but it wouldn't restart. After unplugging
      everything, stopping everything and restarting the iBook it still wouldn't load/start. I
      discovered that VBAP also wouldn't start. I then deleted Kanaxis and VBAP and downloaded
      them again from the website. Still they wont start. I repaired permissions and looked in the
      library for any left-over preferences or settings but can't find anything.

      When I click the application logo I get the splash screen for a few seconds then OSX says the
      application has crashed.

      Please help!