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9Re: [kenaxis] VBAP Questions

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  • Stefan Smulovitz
    27 Feb, 2007
      Hi Bill,

      I am happy to give out a reasonable number of unlock codes for Kenaxis and Kenaxis VBAP - this
      includes codes for both PC and Mac once the PC version is ready.

      Share-it is a company that deals with the financial end for many shareware and independent software
      programmers. You do not need to setup a permanent account. They make it easy for people from
      many countries to pay in a number of different ways.

      Kenaxis is very efficient - running at about 10% of the processor on a Intel Core Duo 2 GHz machine.
      Kenaxis VBAP requires about double that at about 22% of the processor load. This leaves plenty of
      room to run various VST effects.


      > Hi Stefan,
      > I thought that I'd ask my questions here rather than on Loopers
      > Delight so that there would be a record of your answers on this list
      > where it would benefit current and future members.
      > I am waiting for the PC version of VBAP to be released before I buy.
      > 1. When one buys VBAP and/or Kenaxis, will they get both PC and MAC
      > versions or only one? While I am currently a PC guy, I may get a
      > MAC in the future and wouldn't want to buy my favorite programs twice.
      > 2. I am unfamiliar with Share-It. Is it something like PayPal that
      > I would have to join?
      > 3. I am running softsynths and VST effects on my laptop inside of
      > energyXT. I hope to be able to run VBAP at the same time. It might
      > be too soon for you to tell but... How much processing power does
      > VBAP take?
      > Cheers,
      > Bill
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