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New Baked Tapes - Fossils, Grasshopper, Flourescent Vibes, Pork Lion

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    Hey all, Ecstatic to finally drop this spring batch from Baked. ... Highlighting some of the more abrasive tones of the NYC trumpet duo, Kindertotenlieder acts
    Message 1 of 1 , 7 Apr, 2009
      Hey all,

      Ecstatic to finally drop this spring batch from Baked.

      >>>Grasshopper - Kindertotenlieder c40
      Highlighting some of the more abrasive tones of the NYC trumpet duo, Kindertotenlieder acts as a conduit between earlier brass psychedelic zoners and their more recent live orchestral assaults. Super metal lettering by Cherlyn Russo. Printed on vellum. Ltd. to 50 http://www.myspace.com/karlmalonelarrybird
      Image: http://www.thebakeryfloor.com/bt/covers/bt018.jpg
      Cassette Gods Review: http://cassettegods.blogspot.com/2009/03/grasshopper-kindertotenlieder-c22-baked.html
      Tabs Out Review: http://tabsout.blogspot.com/2009/04/grasshopper-kindertotenlieder-c22-baked.html

      >>>Fluorescent Vibes - The Weight of the Clouds c30
      Materializing as naturally as condensation on the side of a glass, this Ridgewood trio (now duo) compromised of members of Arcanode and Miami Beach approach near-weightlessness with this aptly titled magnetic offering. Never has a title so much so represented the vision and execution of a tape more unequivocally. Artwork by Tiana Femano, Ashley Purciello, and Diana Hutyk from the book "weep music + tainted love". Ltd. to 60 http://www.myspace.com/fluorescentvibes
      Image: http://www.thebakeryfloor.com/bt/covers/bt017.jpg

      >>>Fossils - Magnetic Minds c30 (vol. 1)
      The highly speculated missing piece of the puzzle that alongside volumes 2 (Myiasis) and 3 (MJC) constitute an unfiltered trilogy of Payne and co. (here alongside Daniel Farr of The Living Stump) at their finest, laid direct to tape, during the dominant months of winter, as only Fossils can. Ltd. to 40 http://www.myspace.com/fossilstrio
      Image: http://www.thebakeryfloor.com/bt/covers/bt016.jpg

      >>>Pork Lion - Contact High c26
      A piece for 4 guitars, more reminiscent of a quartet of chainsaws cutting through the cement foundation of an abandoned factory with overtones floating down empty hallways and stagnant stairwells while the grinding of the remodeling below rumbles through the night. On the flip, another work for multiple guitars, the quartet seemingly hit a watermain, flooding the basement gradually, while both machinery and bodies float lifeless, suspended in the murky mixture as exposed electrical wires sputter out until consumed as well. Ltd. to 24
      Image: http://www.thebakeryfloor.com/bt/covers/bt015.jpg

      Still Avail (details @ http://www.myspace.com/bakedtapes)
      - Nonhorse "Pink Light" c60
      - Slasher Risk "Corporate Jobs" c7 (~5 left)
      - TwistyCat "Bore Hole" c50 (~5 left)
      - Grasshopper "Dads Against Vietnam" c50 (~2 left)
      - Telecult Powers/Bob Bellerue collab "Baked In The Kitchen" c40 (~2 left)

      $6 each ppd.
      Recession special: All 4 new jamzz + random of my choice: $20ppd
      paypal/questions -> bakedtapes@...


      visit: http://www.bakedtapes.com
      friend: http://www.myspace.com/bakedtapes
      follow: http://www.twitter.com/bakedtapes
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