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whats happening?

in this group? will there be another ex-change or not? any body here any more?
5 May, 2007


hi just wondering if the group is still active, are we going to do another swap? i had so much fun with the first one
24 Aug, 2006

Re: Hello to all the members of the swap

Once again, Penny, thank you for organising this. It is the first swap I have ever been involved in so I am glad it went well. I wonder if because we were all
21 Jul, 2006

Hello to all the members of the swap

Hi Everyone, Well it is the middle of July and I haven't heard from anyone saying they have not received their final gifts despite having a few empty spaces in
17 Jul, 2006

thanks to Maureen--aka gadmjd--for an amazing last gift!

Hi everyone, I'm posting this thanks on the board rather late (though I had already thanked Maureen weeks ago) because we've been doing a lot of travelling due
14 Jul, 2006

Re: Sending Food Treats to US?

heh heh, that was true--my husband has a big sweet tooth and was instantly attracted to all the food goodies... Thanks again, Maureen! Glenda ... have ...
14 Jul, 2006

Re: Sending Food Treats to US?

I didn't reply to this originally otherwise my Secret Pal would have known who it was. I know it is too late for this round but I thought it would be useful
3 Jul, 2006

Re: Hello

Hi Penny, Just to confirm I received all my wonderful packages. The database idea is good, I'd go for that - whatever makes it easier for whoever's organizing
1 Jul, 2006

Re: Received my package!/Beverly

Hi Beverly, I am glad to hear that your final gift has arrived and quite quickly I must add. You certainly received quite the haul. I just ordered the
1 Jul, 2006


Has everyone received their swaps? I seem to have a couple of blank spaces under recieved. I am sure some of them should be filled in but for whatever reason
1 Jul, 2006

Re: Lovely final gifties/Evelyn

Hi Evelyn, You certainly recieved some lovely goodies and it seems something you will enjoy after reading your blog. I have dyed twice with Kool-Aid and it a
1 Jul, 2006

Re: Received My Final Gift/Monika

Hi Monika, I am glad to hear your final gift has finally arrived from your not secret secret pal Glenda. WOW what fabulous goodies you received. I would love
1 Jul, 2006

Received my package!

Alex sent me a wonderful box of goodies! I got Sensational Knitted Socks, two balls of Regia self-striping sock yarn, a ball of Luxury Mohair by King Cole, and
Beverly Swickey
30 Jun, 2006

Received My Final Gift

I received my gift last week. A massive thank you to my no longer secret pal, Glenda! She picked out lovely items for me and I will get much knitting
Monika M.
30 Jun, 2006

Lovely final gifties

Greetings, I just wanted to rave about my final gifties that I just received last night. It took awhile to arrive as it winged its way to me from Canada, but
Creative Muse
30 Jun, 2006
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