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Re: Games for Bonsor

You know, I'd be tempted by the TMWWBK Vietnam mod. I've muddled about with Charlie Co and FNG enough that those don't appeal. But I do enjoy a Vietnam game.
Aug 14

Re: Games for Bonsor

Hi Kevin, That's an interesting general dynamic you've pointed out. It seems natural that groups of some kind would naturally form around consistent games they
Tony Stroppa
Aug 13

Re: Games for Bonsor

They all sound great! The modern might get a few more players. We do seem at Bonsor nights to have settled into some consistent groups - the Canvas Eagles
Ed Beauregard
Aug 13

Re: Games for Bonsor

Kevin, Have you considered Chain of Command for your Vietnam project? There is a fellow who has done quite a lot of development along those lines:
Aug 13

Games for Bonsor

Apologies for cross-postings. Greetings All, The great thing about Trumpeters is that there are always so many great games on offer. But that's a problem, too,
    K. Aldridge
    Aug 4
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    Re: Some photos from Salute

    Hello Gord, The message was aimed at the Trumpeter Yahoo Group, but I probably didn't make it clear enough. I assumed the message would also carry with it, the
    Eric Hotz
    May 19

    Re: Some photos from Salute

    Hello Kevin, I added your blog site to the Trumpeter Society's website (Local Club & Member Links Page) -EH
    May 19

    Re: Some photos from Salute

    Hi Kevin, Great looking games! Loved the fort. The rumours that Dollard was in debt and thus intending to ambush the Iroquois on their return journey from
    Tony Stroppa
    Apr 17

    Some photos from Salute

    Greetings All, For a view of some photos of the games I ran at Salute, please see < thedyinggaul.blogspot.ca >. Apologies for cross-postings.  Cheers, Kevin
    K. Aldridge
    Apr 15

    Volunteering for Salute?

    Hi, I received a couple phone calls asking for volunteers for Salute. Michelle and I are certainly willing and available! However, I feel very foolish as I
    Tony Stroppa
    Mar 24

    Teaser photos of upcoming Salute games

    Greetings All, FYI: Please see my blog for info and teaser photos of my games at the upcoming Salute. https://thedyinggaul.blogspot.ca/ Cheers, Kevin
    K. Aldridge
    Mar 23


    Greeting All, FYI: Shaw is shutting down webpage offerings as a part of their service bundle, so my webpage is going offline(!).  If anyone is interested, I'm
    K. Aldridge
    Jan 31

    New France v. Iroquois game at this year's Salute

    Greetings All, FYI: I'm toying with the idea of running a 17th century New France v. Iroquois game at this year's Salute. This was encouraged by a Warlords
      K. Aldridge
      28 Dec, 2016
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      Re: Magnificent 7 pics

      On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 7:43 PM, Gordon Colter gcolter@... ... ​Hi Gord, Very much my pleasure.​ I imagine with some cropping out of hands some of
      Tony Stroppa
      11 Oct, 2016

      Re: Magnificent 7 pics

      Thanks very much. Some nice pics there.
      Gordon Colter
      11 Oct, 2016
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